August 25, 2012

So, you guys probably think I’m the most inactive, snooty, jerkish leader that’s ever lived due to my absensce and inactivity. Well, I’m doing the best I can. I’m sorry that I happen to have a lot of stuff going on: I’m a theater actor now. I do a lot of shows and that gets in the way. I’m also a published author and constantly having to write new things while dealing with publishers trying to jip me. I’m also a geek, trying to find out why this chick keeps going for this douchebag who doesn’t give a hoot about her instead of me. I’m also a black belt and having to constantly prove to friends that I’m tougher than I look, and sometimes failing to prove the point through slip-ups. I make mistakes, and I hope you’ll look past them.

I’m back. I’m home.




And the winner is…

February 5, 2011

Bhopper-! That’s right: YOU WIN! You have just earned a $20 game from Steam that I won’t be able to get you for a while! Or maybe I’m wrong and you’ll get it RIGHT AWAY! We’ll see. Anyhow, congratulations on the “Distress Signal” poster! And thanks to everybody who entered!

"Calling the Last Heroes!"

My brothers, sisters, we have had a constructive and active year. It was filled with hardship and hope, pain and love, death and life, end and beginning. Now, we move forward, to a brighter tomorrow. Happy Kwanzaa. This is a toast to victory, friends. Cheers.

Wait, Kwanzaa?


December 7, 2010

IT’S CHRISTMAS! Well, not really, but it’s coming just around the corner. That’s why I’m going to be giving away free TF2 items! Like this useless Ellis’ Cap I just got. HOORAY! In honor of LHS’s commitment to being holy awesome (and I literally mean holy awesome) I’m also going to be buying a Pile of Gifts, FOR YOU! YAY! Merry Christmas!


I dunno…..some drunk dude…..

Wow…um…fail on my part?

December 1, 2010

Okay, so the below contest was won by an officer at 9:24 PM on the day it was announced. I probably should’ve thought of something a little more tricky. Ah well. Point goes to everyone’s favorite metal trader, Roydo! You may choose your reward by commenting what it shall be in the announcement on our Steam page. The available rewards are listed in the contest below.

A new breed of weapon…

November 30, 2010

A new breed of weapon is being introduced into the game (Team Fortress 2): Weapons of the Last Heroes. Basically what I’ll do is rename a random item I don’t need (at first stock items, but hey, maybe even hats), maybe even paint it, and then send it to you for free if you win related LHS contests! The latest contest is right here, right now:

I have an anagram sentence here. If you can decode it, you will win “The Dukes of Hazard,” “The Australian Typewriter,” or, “Spinal Tap”. What these items are shall temporarily be a mystery, but they could be yours if you guess the anagram by the end of the week (12/3/’010). Send your answers to abc@clubware.com. And here it is:

hTe ardpeshs tepk atwch rvoe eth ehesp lal ayd goln.

Here’s a hint: watch the Mass Effect trailers. Listen for a character’s name.

And another hint: Mary had a young one.

And one more: second stanza of Go Tell It on the Mountain (there are two versions, one more religious than the other, so watch out).

And now to end off, a quote from a wise man…

“Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.” –Mark Twain

Black Friday Contest Winner

November 27, 2010

Okay, so we held a contest to see who could make the funniest achievement. All of the achievements, in my opinion, were good, but not great. They lack a certain wit and charm a certain Drunkenfox1 had (one of our officers who had “myseriously” disappeared). However, I did get a good chuckle out of these achievements. The one that gave me the biggest chuckle was this one (copy and paste):

http://tf-2.fr/ach.php?a=Kill party pooper!&b=Kill red spy who is disguised as blue spy and has started a food fight.&c=u&e=1216&f=1

Congratulations, Zopa34! You have won a contest! Your prizes are the ability to use the phrase, “I’ve won a contest,” as well as a five dollar game from Steam (which I will give you when I’ve payed for the ten dollar game I owe to a different contest winner).